Welcome to The Evolution

Author: Joseph W. Potter
Date: 2, January 2015

As the new year turns and people are making their resolutions the world goes through the customary changes that allow society to function and grow; to bloom into reality. This year, the Online Sports Community welcomes a new member, a new writer, and an old face in a new place.

Andrew Kermish: Andrew Kermish is a new member of this society and a long time friend of Draft Evolution founder Joseph Potter. Hailing from a small town in Alabama “Kerm” -as his friends call him- is an enthusiastic Dallas Cowboy's and Hockey fan who is excellent at finding information about nearly any subject. Kerm is a former umpire who enjoys keeping up with Motocross, NASCAR, and most other sports

Joseph Potter: Joseph Potter is the founder, head writer, and webmaster of Draft Evolution. I am a small town boy from the hills of Appalachia Ohio -Athens, Ohio University Bobcats, Athens Bulldogs, Trimble Tomcats-, transplanted into the city in my early 20's, and currently spend most of my time working. As a former coach, and softball umpire I enjoy keeping up with the Woman's College World Series when I can.

Draft Evolution: Draft Evolution. I began developing Draft Evolution as an idea to eventually replace Draft Debacled -which I did not believe would survive long term- shortly after leaving said employment. The idea festered for two years as I lingered in college, with many ideas that have yet to be implemented. As Draft Evolution lingered over two years, it evolved, became more than it was, and currently houses player rankings, site updates, a mock draft, two opinion pages, a scouting report page, and an about page. The articles will most likely be posted in APA or Memo format. As Draft Evolution evolves, more features will be available.

Conclusion: We at Draft Evolution and those who support us -Chris Ransom of Draft Utopia- believe there is more to covering sports than using wit and inside sources to be successful. Giving people the highest quality product over glamorous pictures and quick wit is our mission. It has taken a couple years to create a working site, but for everyone involved, allow me to say welcome; welcome to the Evolution.