2015 Prospect Rankings

2015 NFL Draft Player Rankings

The Draft Evolution Player Rankings are a compiled list of NFL Draft Prospects that the writer believes have the best chances of success at the professional level. The Player Rankings are not written in conjunction with any Mock Draft, as mock drafts are based on who the drafter believes what player will be taken by which teams.

By: Joseph Potter

Date: 5, April 2015

    Third Round Prospects...(51-80)

    1. Cedric Ogbuehi, Right Tackle, Texas A&M

      Previous Rank: N/A

      Cedrick Ogbuehi is a highly thought after offensive tackle prospect, who has had small bouts of inconsistency early in games. In the first quarter against South Carolina Ogbuehi looked over-matched and slow against faster players, but in the second Quarter he looked like the best offensive lineman on the field. While Ogbuehi can suffer from brief bouts of inconsistency every now and then his potential as a Right Tackle is excellent, and his potential at left tackle is just as high. His recovery from a torn ACL will determine his draft position.

    2. Arik Armstead, Defensive Tackle, Oregon

      Previous Rank: 56

      Amik Armstead is a physicalk beast and only 21 years old on top of it. Armstead is raw and relies on his athleticism to make plays, but if coached up could become one of the best defensive linemen to come out of the past two drafts.

    3. Quinten Rollins, Cornerback/ Free Safety, Miami (Oh)

      Previous Rank: 52

      Quinten Rollins is a great athlete with excellent ball skills. Rollins was named team captain without playing football in four years, finishing his senior season with seven inerceptions and sixteen interceptions, and seventy-two tackles. Rollins was named the MAC Defensive Player of the Year after three years of college basketball which he ws known for his defensive prowess. That said, Rollins is a project with great fundamentals but little understanding of the position, often making mistakes in technique. With some development he could be one of the best Cornerbacks to come out of this draft.

    4. Clive Walford, Tight End, Miami (Fla)

      Previous Rank: 54

      Walford is a big, pass catching tight end who despite running a 4.79 forty yard dash finds a way to outrun and outmanouver smaller defenders. Walford has a nack for running after the catch and making yards that someone of his speed usually can't.

    5. Byron Jones, Cornerback, Connecticut

      Previous Rank: 49

      The star of the 2015 NFL Combine isn't only an athletic marvel, but also an extremely good zone cornerback. Byron Jones has a great, low backpedal, pretty good hip flip, and good sideline coverage skills. The downside to being trained as a pure zone coverage corner is that you are trained to expect help to the inside and when a Safety blows an assignment it almost always means a big offensive play. Jones makes great plays on the sidelines but can be beaten inside if help is not there.

      UPDATE: At this point Jones is strictly a zone corner with amazing upside.

    6. Jordan Phillips, Nose Tackle, Oklahoma

      Previous Rank: 72

      Justin Phillips is moving up many boards with his combination of difined size -6'6, 334- and ability to cover the entire line. Phillips was a second team all Big Twelve selection in 2014, and had his best game of the season in the Russell Athletic Bowl against Clemson. It wouldn't surprise many if he was taken ahead of Danny Shelton if Shelton's personal issues become too big of an issue.

    7. Phillip Dorsett, Wide Receiver, Miami (Fla)

      Previous Rank: 55

      Phillip Dorsett is by far the most explosive receiver in this draft with 4.36 speed. Dorsett also doubles as a dangerous kick and punt returner. Dorsett has the skills to spread the field on offense, and create mismatches on special teams.

    8. Shane Carden, Quarterback, East Carolina

      Previous Rank: 57

      Shane Carden is a natural leader with all the intangibles a quarterback could ask for. Carden is a strong leader with a strong armn that throws off his back foot too often and has a low windup. If Carden can fix his mechanics he could be a force in the NFL for years to come.

    9. D.J Humphries, Left Tackle, Florida

      Previous Rank: 58

      D.J Humphries has caught a lot of attention with his athleticism and ability to get to the second level when in run blocking. Humphries is a solid player who should get a chance to start as a Rookie.

    10. Markus Golden, Defensive End, Missouri

      Previous Rank: 59

      Markus Golden is a relentless pass rusher who is versatile enough to play both right and left defensive end. Golden utilizes a mixture of speed and power to put preasure on the quarterback. Golden uses pure physical prowess to rush the passer and doesn't use his hands particularly well. If Golden can show a better use of his hands by the Combine he will elevate his draft stock.

      UPDATE: Not only did Markus Golden dominate Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl but he followed it up with a Senior Bowl performance in the ranks of what Washington Defensive Tackle Danny Shelton -See Top 5- performed. Golden is a player that could see his stock skyrocket before the draft.

      UPDATE: Markus Golden had a disasterous pre-draft season after his initial beastly outing at the Senior Bowl. Golden showed a lack of aggression and heavy reliance on speed and a need to improve hand placement and movement.

    11. Ali Marpet, Offensive Guard, Hobart

      Previous Rank: 60

      Ali Marpet is an interesting case of a player with Division I talent playing at a Division II level of football. His biggest issus are that he is a back bender, has short legs, and ruitinely played competition at a lower level. There were times in college he would get beaten by players athletically inferior to him which could be seen as lack of effort or just plain boredom with the lack of a challenge. Marpet has the potential to be an all-pro caliber guard if given the opportunuity.

    12. Austin Shepherd, Right Tackle, Alabama

      Previous Rank: 61

      Austin Shepherd has shown himself to be a strong pass protector with good footwork. Shepherd also uses his hips well against the run to turn his opponents at the line of scrimmage. Shepherd bends a bit too much at the waist and could add a bit more strength but looks like he could be a starter at right tackle early in his career.

      UPDDATE: Shepard was beaten several times this year and showed slow feet against the pass rush. Shepard is a pure Right Tackle in the NFL.

      UPDATE: Shepard has settled in to being a solid third round prospect with some starting upside after bouncing around a little bit.

    13. Alex Carter, Cornerback, Stanford

      Previous Rank: 62

      Alex Carter had an excellent season at Stanford and a strong combine and pro day. He has good size and aggression but has trouble mirroring receivers on some routes. While he needs work he could be a potential starter in the NFL.

    14. Tevin Coleman, Running Back, Indiana

      Previous Rank: 63

      Tevin Coleman is one of the most explosive running backs to come around in the past couple years. Coleman relies on speed and has one gear, fast. This makes him impatient at times and creates timing issues with his offensive line. Coleman has a strong grasp of fundamental football and should develop into a solid player once he learns patience.

    15. Nelson Agholor, Wide Receiver, University of Southern California

      Previous Rank: 64

      Nelson Agholar is a classic "Z" Receiver prospect that will make an impact in the slot on a professional level. Agholar has solid hands, and has the speed and route running ability to thrive over the middle of the field.

    16. Alvin Dupree, EDGE, Kentucky

      Previous Rank: 65

      Alvin "Bud" Dupree is a speed rusher who needs to work on his strength and hands. He has great burst and athleticism but little else in his arsinal to fight through stronger offensive linemen in the NFL. He could be a strong situational pass rusher early, but has the body to add muscle.

    17. Jeremy Langford, Running Back, Michigan St

    18. Sam Carter, Safety, TCU

    19. Kevin Johnson, Cornerback, Wake Forest

    20. Steven Nelson, Cornerback, Oregon St

    21. Justin Hardy, Wide Receiver, Eastern Carolina

    22. Jalen Collins, Cornerback, LSU

    23. Mario Edwards, Defensive Tackle, Florida St

    24. Jeremiah Poutasi, Left Tackle, Utah

    25. Bryce Petty, Quarterback, Baylor

    26. Carl Davis, Defensive Tackle, Iowa

    27. Ramik Wilson. Inside Linebacker, Georgia

    28. Ben Koyack, Tight End, Notre Dame

    29. Jay Ajai, Running Back, Boise State

    30. Mike Hull, Linebacker, Penn State

    31. Jordan Richards, Strong Safety, Stanford

    32. Eric Rowe, Free Safety, Utah

    33. Garrett Grayson, Quarterback, Colorado State

    34. Christian Covington, Defensive Tackle, Rice

    35. Mike Matthews, Center, Texas A&M

    36. Adrian Amos, Safety, Penn State

    37. Fourth Round Prospects

    38. A.J Cann, Left Guard, South Carolina

    39. Grady Jarrett, Nose Tackle, Clemson

    40. LaDarius Gunter, Cornerback, Miami (Fla)

    41. Josiah Matias, Left Guard, Florida State

    42. Lorenzo Mauldin, Rush Linebacker, Louisville

    43. Mike Davis, Running Back, South Carolina

    44. Xavier Williams, Nose Tackle, Northern Iowa

    45. Corey Robinson, Offensive Tackle, South Carolina

    46. Dee Hart, Running Back, Colorado State

    47. Amario Herrera, Inside Linebacker, Georgia

    48. Shaq Mason, Guard, Georgia Tech

    49. Nick Boyle, Tight End, Delaware

    50. T.Y Yeldon, Running Back, Alabama

    51. Charles Gaines, Cornerback, Louisville

    52. Tre Jackson, Right Guard, Florida State